How To Book a Driving Lesson

How to learn is kindergarten when you are nervous

What you need to know when booking a driving lesson

First the correct number: 0408-426379:
You need to speak to Tim (the instructor)
If you cannot get through then send a text message:
1  Give your name:
      2  Give your location:
                 3  Give your preferred day:
                     4  Give your preferred time:
                                          5   You are booking a lesson, (not a test)
                                                             Your gender, age, religion, nationality or language is not an issue:
Do not tell a story about your abilities or skill
Be willing to take instructions, you will learn quick
Remember that if you are a nice person, you will learn quick
Remember that if you have a bad attitude Tim will terminate your
lesson and no further transaction will be conducted
Age driving assessment is conducted by the friendly instructors
from Highlands Drive Safe Phone 0428844473
or goes to the WEBSITE

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